How to: Add spreadsheet data to a noticeboard

How to: Add spreadsheet data to a noticeboard

Firstly you will need a user account and a noticeboard to post the data to. These could be set up for the specific story you want to create from the spreadsheet or simply be part of your standard user information. Armed with these, start the process by signing into before visiting and you’ll see the ‘spreadsheets’ option in the left-hand navigation.

Clicking that will take you to this screen which outlines the process.

The first thing you’ll need to do is clean the data into the columns title, description, url and lat, long and then publish the spreadsheet on Google drive. Please note it has to be shared publicly AND published as Google has this as two separate steps. Here’s how to do that:

Once the Google doc key has been added in the box, a screen asking you to recognise the different headings will come up.

Add the order that you want to data to be published in by clicking on the headings before clicking ‘build feed’. You can play around with different orderings until you’re happy with how the feed data is presented. When you are ready to publish, click the red ‘feed this into n0tice’ button where you’ll be taken to the app and the feed will be treated in the same way as the RSS feeds using

Alternatively, it is possible to add the data to the noticeboard by using the RSS feed that is produced at the bottom right-hand corner. To do this, take the feed url and, when in, click on the option to ‘add new feed’ and simply paste the url into the box at the top manually.

If you’re new to using, the guide to getting started is here:

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