For Brands

Inspire collective movements

When people act together they can have dramatic effects on issues and bring about dramatic change, and with the increasing influence of social capabilities in the digital network this power has never been greater.

n0tice can be used to trigger collective movements, a wave of activity by a large group of people who will each do their small part for a larger goal.

For brands, this means you can set achievement goals, run contests, reward collective behaviors, and steer a large audience through a campaign. Using the n0tice mobile experience, web site and data feeds you can make your brand come alive for people in new and innovative ways.

Trigger activity in the community that reinforces your brand. …
Participate with the audience you want to reach. …
Learn about your audience as they engage with your brand. …
Create a crowdmap

Try it now

A crowdmapping project can be setup in less than 5 minutes. See our step-by-step guide on
how to create, customise and embed a crowdmap on your own web site.

The following are a few of the features that will help your run a collective movement campaign using n0tice.

Whether you’re focused on covering a local area, a campaign with a short lifespan, or just an test concepts with people, n0tice gives you lots of options for making it look the way you want for your intended market. A noticeboard is an open customisable space that you’ll be able to promote in less than 5 minutes.
Being able to harness the knowledge of your target audience to map information can bring campaigns to life. We wanted to make the crowdmapping process so easy that anyone with an internet connection or mobile phone can take part without any specialist knowledge or skills.
Whether for your own team’s use and/or to enable your local customers to easily share information, the n0tice iphone app provides a simple to use way for people to see it, snap it and share it. Because the app attaches a geo-location to every posting it’s easy for you to track what’s happening near you.
Embedding multimedia is really just a simple copy and paste. Anywhere n0tice sees a URL it will translate the link into a piece of content. For example, including the URL of a tweet or youtube video in a liveblog update automatically embeds the full media into the flow.
In today’s fast-moving media cycle it’s critical to know who is involved and when things change, but it’s also important to give people easy ways to spread information. n0tice has easy re-posting capabilities so that curators can adopt your headlines and share them virally across the network with other people.
We know you’ll need to measure the performance of all this activity so a package of analytics tools has been built-in so that you can track useage, devices, locations across all the usual metrics in real-time. Tweets from n0tice generate a bitly link for easy tracking too. We use Google Analytics so you can see unique visitors, bounce rates, time spent, top content, top traffic sources, etc.
See Examples

Crowdmapping in practice

The Guardian has been actively applying crowdmapping to a range
of concepts from investigations to advertising campaigns tocommunity participation projects.